Second Homes

Modern. Smooth. Affordable.

Find Your Home with Koesta

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Discover Koesta’s collection of stunningly beautiful homes in the best resort areas. Or tell us about the house you want to own and let us help you find the one that suits you the best through our wide network.

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Own A Home

Invest according to how much time you want to spend at your home. We establish a joint-stock company for each house and deal with all the details about the buying process. After the closing, you and the other shareholders own 100% of the property, as Koesta we don’t own any shares.

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Enjoy your home with your loved ones while we take care of all the maintenance, property management, and interior design.

How to Own a House

Start enriching your life today, not someday. We're here to help you experience the joy of second home ownership. With Koesta, you own a spectacular second home for 1/8 of the cost, while avoiding the hassles of traditional ownership.


Looking for your dream second home?

Let us find it for you.

Forget Time-Share, Meet Koesta!

With Koesta you buy shares of a property, not only a time period.

You can stay at your home whenever you want through the year without the need to renew an agreement.

You become a real home owner.

The Benefits Koesta 100% Ownership Time-share
Value Appreciation
Owning for a fraction of the price
Heritage for your family
No renovation or furnishing to deal with
Hassle-free enjoyment, property manager to asist you all time
Routine controls before each stay to ensure no hidden surprise
Home ready to use all year
Smooth sale process, wide network, when you decide to sell