About Koesta

Koesta was a dream. Just like that house you always dreamed of owning. The step we’ve taken is to provide luxury second homes with high quality standards for everyone. We made our dream come true with Koesta.

And now… It's your turn.'

With our young and dynamic team, Koesta provides modern and easy way of owning a second home. Our co-ownership platform is based on the principles of fairness and transparency. With our strong and wide property network, Koesta became a dream partner for many families.

While it has been seen as an unattainable dream to have a new house or a completely ready-to-use holiday home in the modern era, our journey started with the desire to provide a modern solution to this problem and turned into the happiness of many families. In order to continue to offer this happiness to many people with better quality standards, we put forth more effort every single day.

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