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5 Features of Koesta That Differ from Timeshare

Summer houses, second homes, timeshares, shared houses, and many more… Today, there are numerous different concepts to owning or using a real estate. Perhaps the most well-known of these concepts is a timeshare. In this article, we will highlight information about an important issue that many people are wondering about, and we will discuss 5 different features of the co-ownership system offered by Koesta from the timeshare system.

Your Property is Yours

The concept of timeshares has become widespread around the early 2000s. With this system, it is possible to use an apartment or a house on certain dates by renting or purchasing. The boundaries of the timeshare are drawn with a contract and sometimes there may be problems with transparency/reliability. These issues are eliminated with Koesta as your home belongs to you. Under the co-ownership model, you own shares of a joint-stock company established on the Koesta house. These shares represent your legal and official ownership.

You Can Determine Your Accommodation Dates in a Fair and Comfortable Way

In the timeshare system, it is not always possible to determine which dates you will stay in your house. There is no fair distribution system, you only have the opportunity to stay according to the suitable dates you find. In Koesta, this situation is presented in the most advantageous way for you. If you own a share in a Koesta house, you have the right to stay 45 days a year. You can use this time according to your vacation plans via the digital agenda. Koesta's digital agenda has a fair use algorithm to enable equal and fair use for all stakeholders. This way, you will have the opportunity to stay in your home even on holidays and special dates of the year.

Your Investment Always Pays Off

When you make a purchase by buying a timeshare, your title deed unit never has a net value. This only shows your entitlement to the deed, but you don't know which area it corresponds to. This puts you in a difficult situation in many ways when you want to sell your share. In Koesta, on the other hand, your joint-stock company shares that you officially and legally own show your ownership of the property. You have the chance to sell your shares at any time you want and you will always have an official document to show your ownership.

An Always Present Professional Support

In timeshares, the understanding of tourism and vacation is mixed. For this reason, it is possible to encounter unexpected surprises when you go to your home to stay in a timeshare rental or purchase. You may encounter situations that you do not want in terms of care and hygiene, and you may not find a contact person to solve these problems. As a co-owner, all maintenance and cleaning of your Koesta home are taken care of by a team of experts before you come to your home. Plus, your Koesta manager is always ready to support you in all management works of your home.

A Fun, Peaceful, and Comfortable Holiday Awaits You

Timeshare is an aging system and therefore the houses within the scope of the system are also quite old. In Koesta, on the other hand, all the houses are designed by the number one architects in their field in order to offer the best functional possibilities while reflecting the modern period architecture in the best way. With all these features, you can have a fun, peaceful, and comfortable holiday in every season of the year.