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6 Facts to Consider Before Buying a Second Home

Most people dream of owning a second house or a summer house. We have listed the points you should pay attention to when you plan to own such a house in 6 questions for you.

  • Location: How close should your second home be to your first home?
  • Cost: What is the limit of your budget and what facilities would you like to have in line with this budget?
  • Area: How many square meters should the house you want to own have, how many rooms should it have, should it have a pool and a garden?
  • Living in Your Home: How many people do you plan to live in or host in your second house?
  • Time at Home: How much time do you want to spend at the house you plan to buy?
  • Your Pet Friends: Do you have a cute four-legged friend who will live with you?

First of all, it is quite important to get acquainted with the real estate market and the average values of houses in the place where you are going to buy or plan to buy. While calculating the budget, in addition to having information about this subject, you need to have an idea about the tax, insurance, and general maintenance costs of the house. 

Considering all these accounts and high costs, especially those who want to own a summer house may prefer to consider one of the following options instead of owning a second house: 

  • Short-Term Rentals: Short-term rentals through periodic flat rental platforms are one of the most preferred methods. However, the owners of the properties may demand very high rental prices for these short periods. In addition, the house photos you see on the internet may not always reflect the real situation of the house. Moreover, deficiencies in cleaning and hygiene may be bigger problems to solve above all these.
  • Hotels and Resorts: This is an option that people prefer for holiday destinations they want to visit regularly. However, in hotel stays with all-inclusive systems, the costs can be quite high for very short periods. At the same time, you may not always like the arrangement of all activities in a certain program, from dining to entertainment hours in such holiday villages, and these repetitive activities may bore you after a while.
  • Timeshare Residences: Timeshare residences are one of the preferred models known for many years. However, time constraints in the timeshare system, obstacles to transactions such as the sale and transfer of timeshare rights, and the reliability of the system are the issues that people think of.

At this point, Koesta makes it possible for you to own a house with a brand-new model. Koesta is an innovative way to own a second home. In this model, homeowners own 1/8 of a house through a joint-stock company and stay in their house for 45 days each year. Through the mobile application developed by Koesta, each co-owner can decide when they want to use their home. In this way, for a house that you will only use during a certain period of the year, you do not have to pay the entire price of the house, and you can have your dream second home at more affordable prices. Other advantages offered by Koesta are:

  • Easy-to-Use Mobile Application: Through the mobile application, you can determine the period you want to stay at your house and you can also benefit from the on-demand services provided by Koesta. Such as airport transfer, chef service, daily cleaning service, concierge, etc.
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation: Koesta pursues and plans the responsibilities such as maintenance and repair of the house for you. Your house will be cleaned to high hygiene standards before your stay. You can use your house that has been cleaned and disinfected with peace of mind.
  • Share-Sharing and Sale Right: Each shareholder gets an equal share in Koesta houses. At the same time, you can sell, and dispose of your shares in these residences which were purchased through a joint-stock company, at any time.

Offering an innovative perspective to people who want to own a house, Koesta offers everyone the opportunity to reach their dream luxury house without risk and additional costs. If you want to own a second house or a summer house, but do not want to burden very high costs for your house that you will use at a certain time of the year, you can learn more about the solutions offered by Koesta and own a Koesta house.