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Dream Home Exceeding Your Budget? Meet Koesta!

Most people want to be a homeowner. Especially buying an aesthetically pleasing home with everything one needs, adorns many people’s dreams. But it is not always easy to find the perfect home. Usually, the location, age, conditions, or surroundings of the house are the most common criteria. However, almost everyone places home prices first on the list. Having a home with all the features you want at a budget-friendly price can be one of your biggest aspirations. To make this dream real, Koesta offers the most affordable system to become a homeowner. You can easily own a home thanks to Koesta, who takes care of all the processes from the purchase processes and post-purchase.

Different Types of Homes and Their Prices

Although the real estate sector has experienced serious changes over the years, the financial returns of being a homeowner have always been permanent. Many people dream of owning a second home, either for leisure or as an investment vehicle. However, home prices are not always affordable. The first criterion to consider in this regard is the location of the house. While standards such as proximity to the city center, ease of transportation, and building age are important in the city; the comfort, facilities, and characteristics offered by the home in the suburb can be of greater importance. For example, while apartment prices in Istanbul may be higher in the popular centers of the city, they may be more accessible in alternative areas. In any case, the area where the home is located is of great importance when becoming a homeowner. The second criterion in this regard is usually the size of the home and what it provides. While 3-bedroom home prices can be found at more budget-friendly, 4-bedroom home prices and beyond may be too high for a single person or a family. In addition to the number of rooms, having open areas such as balconies, terraces or gardens is one of the details to be considered while calculating the price. In such cases, it may not always be easy to buy your dream home by yourself.

Additional Expenses and Taxes

Similarly, there are some expenses that come with being a homeowner. Some of these are foreseeable expenses. For example, additional payments such as real estate service fees, compulsory insurance, title deed fee, and property taxes are required when buying a home. In addition, the renovation of the home can also bring up serious costs. Renovation expenses, such as painting or cleaning, are also among the initial costs. Considering all this, the price of your dream home can easily exceed your budget. At this point, Koesta helps you achieve this dream thanks to the unique opportunities it offers.

The Easy Way to Become a Homeowner

Rising home prices, additional charges, and any unforeseen expenses you may incur could keep you away from your dream home. Thanks to the convenient model Koesta provides, it is much easier to own the home you want. You can acquire from 1/8 up to 1/2 of your dream second home listed on the platform. For each real estate Koesta incorporates a joint-stock company with 8 shares. This way, you don't have to pay the full price for the home you have in mind. Own your dream home with Koesta, without dealing with any unforeseen expenses of cleaning or maintenance!