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Easy, Fair and Flexible Time Scheduling with Koesta

You may spend a long period of the year with intense work and activities that tire you both physically and mentally. Whatever your job is, the most important element of a sustainable and happy career is undoubtedly a healthy body and a healthy mind. In order to make this possible, you need to give yourself some time as a little getaway. Koesta offers a complete service for all your needs to have the perfect holiday in your own house. With Koesta, you can enjoy your vacation at your own holiday home on the dates you decide thanks to the practical scheduling system.

Your Koesta, Your Home

When you want to rent a cottage, you may not be able to do it at exactly the right time of the year. A summer house may not always be available in the location you want and under the conditions you need. On the other hand, if you want to have a relaxing holiday and want a private place of your own, shared houses can be quite disadvantageous. For these reasons, buying a second home proves to be the best option. With low costs and flexible scheduling, Koesta provides the most affordable and easy way to buy a second home. Among the advantages of this system, always having your house ready and completely well-maintained comes first. Moreover, this means that you can use your co-owned home on the dates of the year that suit you.

Fair and Transparent Planning

The shares of the Koesta houses are divided among the shareholders. Each shareholder can buy a minimum of 1 share and a maximum of 4 shares. This way, each shareholder has an annual 45-day period to use the house. Koesta assures the shareholders a fair and flexible use within this period. The system works with a digital agenda that makes it possible for co-owners to easily book their dates. Each shareholder has the right to use the house for 45 days, a minimum of 2 weeks between May - September, and flexible scheduling between September - May. Thanks to this planning, every co-owner has the opportunity to benefit from their home equally and with maximum comfort.

While a completely fair system is applied when determining the dates from Koesta's digital agenda, the selection is made 3 days to 2 years in advance. It is also possible for the shareholders to swap weeks between them in case of changes in schedules or demands by contacting their property manager.

All shareholders who own shares at a Koesta home have annual staying terms according to the shares they own. Basically, the 1/8 co-owner of the house has the right to use it for 45 days while the owner of the 2/8 share has the right to use it for 90 days in a year. In the selection process, regardless of the share amount, everyone has the right to use it equally. All shareholders benefit fairly from public holidays.

Have you set the dates for your stay at your Koesta house but had to cancel it? Don't worry, Koesta steps in to give you full support at this point as well. If you notify your property manager of your cancellation request, we will contact other shareholders according to the new dates you can use the place and we will provide you with the transparent support you need with reserving new dates.

Use Your Home Whenever You Want, However You Wish

When you want to have a special moment alone or with your family, Koesta offers you the opportunity to have a holiday home just for yourself. We ensure that we meet all your needs for your second home so that you can enjoy your perfect holiday.