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How Can I Remotely Meet the Maintenance Needs of My Summer Home?

Your summer home is your own private comfort area where you go several times a year to get away from the stress of everyday life. A garden, a pool, or free space in your summer home that you can use with your loved ones can make your vacation more enjoyable and comfortable. However, as summer household items increase, the comfort you have is accompanied by maintenance. In addition, summer home exterior paint jobs can get old over time and need renovation along with various other equipment. Maintenance and repairs like these are among the responsibilities that homeowners must deal with. Here is a list of a few solutions you can do to keep your holiday home ready for your visit.

Ways to Look After Your Holiday Home 

You can enjoy your holiday without changing your habits when your summer home decorations match your everyday home appliances. There's no way you won't feel comfortable in a vacation home with your frequent household appliances and personal care products. But as the number of house appliances increases, it becomes more difficult to maintain the home the way you want. In order to keep your summer home the way you left it after your last stay, you can get support from the locals who live nearby. These people can clean, secure, and maintain your home at regular intervals. You can solve your summer home maintenance problem over time by finding individuals that you can trust your property with. If you have difficulty finding someone you can trust, you can always use smart home devices as well. Thanks to smart home systems, it is possible to keep your home safe and clean remotely. In addition, you can visit your summer home often rather than once a year in order to do simple chores to keep maintenance. 

Reduce Your Responsibilities with a Minimal Approach

Choosing your second home, which you will visit a couple of times in the year, in minimal sizes and equipment can reduce your home renovation work. Having a pool or a garden in your vacation home will result in additional costs for cleaning and gardening. As a solution to this, you can choose to own a home with a shared garden or a pool, so that these will be taken care of by regular services for a fee. 

Enjoy Your Holiday While Koesta Deals with the Rest

Thanks to the innovative second home co-ownership model of Koesta, you do not have to worry about maintaining the home; Koesta takes care of your second home. By purchasing 1/8 share of the company formed specifically for the home you want, you can use your second home with all the maintenance taken care of for you. Koesta grants equal rights to each shareholder (or Koesta co-owners) of the company. Koesta gives you the opportunity to be a homeowner and not deal with the responsibilities it brings. You only need to bring your luggage with you on the dates you set from the Koesta mobile application.