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How Does the Koesta Co-Ownership System Compare to the Traditional Methods of Owning a Second Home?

Owning a house sometimes adorns a young person's dreams who has just entered the business life, sometimes a successful person's dreams who is climbing the career ladder, sometimes a couple's dream who has sailed into marriage, and sometimes a person who is days away from retirement and wants to lead a comfortable life. Although there's a house that everyone wants to have in line with their dreams, it may not always be possible for everyone to meet it economically.

Moreover, in a case like this, even the dream of owning a second house, may not come to life. With the ever-changing world conditions and increasing economic difficulties, the idiom "a car, a house, and a summer home", which has settled in our language from past to present, may have already lost its validity for many people. But at this point, Koesta offers you an innovative and modern model that has kept up with the requirements of the era: Co-ownership!

When you hear that for the first time, you may say "This already exists." or "Did you mean timeshare?" But when you read the rest of the article, you will understand what innovations Koesta brought with their modern understanding of a house-owner, and you'll also be entitled to the fact that it's unlike any other timeshare or traditional model.

Real Estate Titles Acquired by an Inheritance or Jointly

Joint ownership of property models has long been involved in many different forms. Sometimes this can be as simple as sharing a property inherited from the family equally between siblings, sometimes at the level of a newly married couple having equal rights over the title deed, and sometimes in much more complex ways. However, the confusion created by all of them, both legally and financially, is quite high, and the restrictions created by these possible problems will not make you feel as comfortable as real property ownership.

The Timeshare System with Pros and Cons

The timeshare property may be the first model that comes into mind when you hear the term co-ownership. However, apart from the advantages offered by the timeshare system, we would like to say in advance that none of the disadvantages will be encountered in Koesta's offered co-ownership.

In the timeshare property system, people can only obtain the right to use a property for a certain period of time. This means there's an important time limitation for people and prevents the right to use the property for more than one period of the year. Although the concepts of timeshare and timeshare holidays are very intertwined, they are often confused with each other. It will not even be possible to talk about a title deed in cases where a timeshare holiday is taken, not a timeshare. However, it can be possible to encounter many restrictions and obstacles in the buying and selling of timeshare properties. In addition, after the timeshare purchases, any problems and disruptions that may occur in the house will be completely the responsibility of the timeshare owners. This can lead to various disputes between property owners.

The Modern, Smart, and Innovative Way of Second Home Ownership: Koesta

Koesta gives you the opportunity to own a house with a brand new model at the point where all these problems arise. Koesta brings a new perspective and offers luxury houses in various popular locations in the co-ownership system to the customers. Unlike traditional joint ownership, Koesta establishes a joint-stock company for each house, dividing the shares of this company equally between 8 shareholders. In this way, the costs of luxury houses in charming locations reach more accessible levels for everyone. At the same time, after a house has been divided between the owners, Koesta continues to support each Koesta co-owner with a mobile application in which booking, on-demand services, or contact with the property manager can be made. A Koesta home is more private than a resort or a hotel while offering more flexible accommodation options than a timeshare. With all these features, Koesta costs significantly less than the other housing options.

Koesta homeowners can own their second home at more affordable prices and do not have to think about any administrative processes of their new houses such as maintenance, repair, renovation, and cleaning. This definitely makes the time spent in your second home more peaceful for you and be able to enjoy your home in the comfort of a hotel.

When you own a Koesta house, Koesta's professional teams take care of everything from the interior design, furnishings, and even the garden layout. In this way, you never need to think extra about your new home.  

The co-ownership system introduced by Koesta houses offers all the advantages of owning a second home without having the disadvantages. You can have your dream home decorated by professionals with Koesta at affordable prices without having to worry about any additional costs. While you enjoy a peaceful holiday with your family and loved ones, let Koesta deal with all administrative work related to your house.