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Own Your Dream Home at an Affordable Price with Koesta

Everyone wants to own a house, or even more than one. But this is not always possible considering the increasing real estate prices and economic uncertainties. Even if you could buy a house, the maintenance costs can be more than affordable, especially during the periods it is not used. Koesta offers you the modern and exclusive possibilities of making your dreams come true. If the price of your dream house exceeds your budget, you can partake in the shareholder system to have your own place where you can enjoy both summer and winter holidays. 

Increasing House Prices Are Not An Obstacle

Many people consider turning the money they have earned and saved into an investment by evaluating numerous factors. Or they can decide to use it for their needs and dreams. Whichever direction you choose, you will eventually find happiness by fulfilling your wishes. However, like many people who have recently dreamed of owning a house, you may not be able to find the house that fits your budget with the conditions you wish. While house prices are constantly increasing, it may sound very difficult to own a house or even a second house that you can use whenever you want.

Koesta provides a solution to this with its joint ownership system, which is commonly preferred by many people globally. The method of owning a house with joint ownership, which you can consider as the most modern way of buying a house, allows you to enjoy the house of your dreams. Moreover, you do not have to bear all the costs of buying a house and you can always get the return of your investment without losing value. Similarly, you do not need to pay for the unexpected costs such as maintenance when the house is unoccupied.

It's Easy to Own Your Dream Home

If you have decided to become a co-owner of a house after meeting Koesta, then you are just a few steps away from achieving your dreams. Koesta has an extensive real estate network that makes it possible for you to find the house you want to own. The system offers buyers to reach houses with striking architectural features in numerous special locations in different regions of Turkey. After choosing the house you want to own jointly among these options, you can buy at least 1/8 of the shares of the joint stock company established by Koesta for this house. If you wish, you can buy more shares as well. The amount of shares you own indicates your duration right of use in a year. When you want to use your house after taking your place among the co-owners, you make your annual plan practically on the digital agenda and when your check-in date comes. Afterwards, the professional team of Koesta will prepare the house for you in the most hygienic way, so that you can enjoy your home however you want, without worrying about any details. Moreover, thanks to this system, you do not incur an extra cost for the periods you do not stay at the house.

Welcome to the World of Koesta

Koesta, which has implemented the co-ownership system, is committed to help you to reach your dreams. The system is commonly seen as a modern real estate investment method in the world, with the principles of maximum reliability and transparency. Additionally, Koesta takes care of all the details for you, not only in your investment process, but also in the use of your home, with its working principle that makes it possible for you to become a homeowner quite easily without bothering you about any detail!