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Perfect Care and Management Service for Your Second Home with Koesta

Owning a second home through a co-ownership model has numerous advantages. It helps the owner both economically and physically in terms of maintenance, management, and value. While Koesta provides a great service in these areas, it also guides you through the process as well. In this article, we will cover some of the most significant details about the full range of care and management services offered to you by Koesta.

Always Use Your Home as It Was on the First Day with Koesta Services

Under the co-ownership model, the houses offered by Koesta have a maximum of 8 shares, and each shareholder gets the right to use the house according to their share. This corresponds to a 1/8 of the house or 45 days of annual use. When you determine your accommodation dates, your home is taken into a maintenance and cleaning process as soon as the previous shareholder leaves the house. That way, your house is ready before your use.

The professional Koesta maintenance team arrives at your house before your visiting dates. The crew ensures that the house reaches maximum hygiene standards through professional cleaning. From the floor to the walls the whole place is completely cleaned including the carpets, the furniture, the windows, and the doors. A thorough process is carried out with high-quality cleaning products and equipment. After this end-to-end cleaning is completed, the house is once again checked by the team.

All your household textile needs are met by Koesta. The team changes the sheets before your use, and all your personal items such as towels and similar items will be renewed such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

The expert Koesta team examines every part of your second home in detail and performs careful work if there are maintenance or renovation needs the house requires. The expert crew does all the repairs they can, while on the other hand, if professional support is required for a special issue such as plumbing, furniture, or internet, they contact the necessary support.

Keep Your Garden Beautiful

Most of the Koesta homes have a garden that is constantly kept alive. In order for you to enjoy your garden at any time of the year, Koesta's expert garden maintenance team routinely takes care of your garden. They take care of all the needs such as arrangements, maintenance, cleaning, and watering of the flowers and plants. You can also inform Koesta about all your requests about your garden, and you can always get the support you need with any question you have.

Your Expert Manager is With You

When you arrive at your Koesta home for your stay, but you have a question or a problem? You don't need to worry! Koesta selects an expert manager for each region where our co-ownership home is located. You can share all your problems and support requests by contacting your expert manager who has been assigned to take care of your home. Your manager will take the necessary actions to solve all your problems and meet your needs on the issues you have specified. This way, you will always have the opportunity to stay with maximum comfort in your Koesta home.