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Professional Architectural Decoration Touches to Your New Home

A new home is like an empty painting canvas. It gives its new owners the opportunity to turn their imagination into reality. Everyone's dream is to turn a new house into a wonderful living space like professional designers. Everyone's taste in design or what they like in a house can be different. But there are some design tips that appeal to the general public, that have been tried and proven to be successful. Here are 10 tips that will make you feel like you had a designer design your new house:

  • A Colourful Entrance Door

The entrance door is the first point where your guests can have an idea about your house. A colorful and pretentious door gives your guests an idea of the rest of your house, yet at the door. The color choice of the exterior door should be in accordance with the exterior paint and flooring of the house. But sometimes contrasting color choices can also offer a look that is beyond your dreams.

  • A Separate Characteristic for Each Room

It should be decided from the beginning where the focus should be in each room. This focus does not necessarily have to be on television. It can be a fireplace, a specially decorated corner in the room, or a full-length window with a beautiful view. Items and accessories should be planned in a way to highlight these identified focal points. This plan can be created differently from each other in a way to assemble individual characteristics for each room. During this planning, a layout should be provided so that guests can have nice conversations comfortably. 

  • Do Not Illuminate the Room From a Single Point

For both functionality and visuality, there should be three types of lighting in a room. The first of them is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting can be provided using ceiling fixtures or spotlights. The second type is zone lighting. A pendant chandelier on a dining table or a table lamp in a library can be preferred to illuminate these areas specifically. Finally, accent lighting can be provided with a wall lamp to illuminate a specific area or an object. In this way, each room can be given a bright appearance by ensuring that more than one lighting is used in each room.

  • Give Space to House Plants

House plants add a warmer atmosphere to the environment in each room and create positive emotions. At the same time, plants also purify the air in the environment. We recommend that you do not skimp on these plants from your living spaces, which rest you both physically and spiritually. Feel free to have more than one plant in one room.

  • Positioning of Mirrors

Some professional designers think that there should be a mirror in every room. But even if this is not preferred, it is worthwhile to position the mirror, especially in small and dark rooms. Mirrors, in dark areas, reflect light, contributing to the illumination of the environment. In small and narrow spaces, they make the room look larger than its normal size. A trick with regard to the positioning of mirrors in the room is that the mirrors are hung perpendicular to the windows. In this way, the light in the room will be prevented from going out of the window.

  • Furniture Made of Different Parts

It may be easier and more practical to get furniture set from a store. But doing this makes the house or the decorated room unoriginal and makes it ordinary. Using different pieces of furniture together allows the room to get more visual and depth. By doing this at the same time, a different aura can be added to the room. The living room can get a more vivid and energetic look with a sofa of a neutral color, a leather pouf, and chairs covered with a piece of colored fabric.

  • Make Use of Different Textures in Your Furniture

We have several recommendations for diversity and difference in textile parts, as furniture should not be in sets and ordinary. For a more sophisticated design, with a tiled fireplace, a wooden mantelpiece can be used harmoniously. Leather sofas can be completed with a plush cover. In addition, the use of metal objects is also a trend approach.

  • Pay Attention to Wall Paintings

Choosing a small piece of art for the hall wall or hanging the picture very high is one of the most common mistakes people make. If you want to hang a picture on your wall, you should use a large and framed picture and always position it at eye level on your wall. As an alternative to using a large framed picture table, it can also be used by grouping multiple small frames. The main rule that should be observed here is that a work of art that will be hung on the wall should occupy an area of 2/3 to 3/4 of the space on the wall.

  • Get Rid of the Burden of Excess Items

Whether it was bought with an instant request or is part of a furniture set, you should get rid of the things you don't like in your new house. A new home means new excitement and enthusiasm. You should not move items to your new home that you do not use in your old house, perhaps you don't like them very much. People may generally have this approach, especially in second houses which they buy as holiday houses. But remember that your summer house should raise your energy, and give you a feeling of freshness and renewal. That's why you should really like the accessories, decorative products, and furniture that are in your house. You can also get rid of the things you don't like by giving them to someone who can love them.

  • Never Finish The Decoration

You can always ask for more when decorating your home. This can make you add distracting parts to your environment. Go through all the rooms periodically and remove items that are in the wrong part of the house, crowding or overwhelming the room.

If you are looking for a second house or a summer house, but you think that you do not have enough time to implement all these recommendations, you can let a professional handle this work for you. Koesta can offer you the solution you need for this need. Each Koesta house is presented to you fully furnished and professionally designed. You can also browse the beautiful Koesta homes located in very special locations with professional architectural touches.