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Step by Step: Buying a Second Home with Koesta

You may want to own a second home that you can use for getaways with your family or loved ones. Moreover, you may be considering using this second home as an investment. Koesta offers the easiest way to buy a second home with the co-ownership model as a solution partner at this point, no matter what type your request is. In this article, we will discuss how you can buy your second home with Koesta step by step.

Intention, Research, and Decision Processes

Koesta, with its co-ownership model, helps you at every stage by adhering to the principles of transparency and reliability. In this context, your decision is very valuable in the first place. If you want to buy your second home by paying only for the period of use and without incurring any extra cost for the period you do not use, then the decision stage is complete. From here, you can start your research to determine the house you want to own. Koesta's extensive property network includes houses in the most exclusive locations in many different regions. You can view these Koesta homes from the property listing screen. By using filtering tools, you can start to look for a house that fits your needs. When you determine the Koesta house that meets your needs in your decision process, you have made your choice and now you only need to apply to Koesta to be the co-owner of your house.

Become a Homeowner with Co-Ownership

You have made your decision, you have chosen your home and now you are ready to buy your second home. At this step, Koesta handles the rest for you. Upon submitting the documents requested from you and after your eligibility to purchase is confirmed, the share from the joint-stock company established on the house to be purchased is defined to you according to the number of shares you prefer. This is proof of your ownership and you can buy from 1 share up to 4 shares of the house divided up to a maximum of 8 shares. Owning a 1/8 share gives you the opportunity to use your home 45 days a year. In this way, you only become the owner of the house with a payment equivalent to this period, and you do not have to bear the costs of the house for the periods you do not use. Another advantage provided by the co-ownership system is that you only pay for the renovation, maintenance, cleaning and management services of the house according to your share ratio, and you do not have to bear any other costs.

Now You Own Your Second Home

When you complete your transactions to buy a second home with Koesta, you are now ready to use your home. You can use our digital agenda system from our mobile application to determine which dates of the year you would like to use your home. You can book from 3 days to 2 years in advance. The digital agenda system, with its algorithm that ensures fair sharing, enables equal date sharing among all co-owners. This way, it is possible for you to benefit from your home during the holidays and special days of the year.

All cleaning processes are completed in the most hygienic way before you come to your house. All the work that needs to be done in terms of garden and home maintenance is also completed by the professional team of Koesta. Unlike a traditional second home buying method, you don't have to do any chores for your home, Koesta completes all transactions on your behalf in the fastest way. You can enjoy your home in the comfort of a hotel.