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The Easiest Way to Own a Second Home: Co-ownership with Koesta

Owning a second home is becoming a more accessible opportunity with the new co-ownership model offered by Koesta. To make the right financial decisions before buying a second home, we recommend that you read this article to get detailed information about Koesta at this point.

The Costs of Buying a Second Home

When you decide to buy a second home, it may mislead you to consider only the monthly loan payment when considering your costs. Owning a new home comes with some routine costs, as well as other surprise expenses that you might not have thought of at first glance. When calculating your budget, we recommend that you take a look at this list of costs in our list below:

  • Furniture and Other Basic Needs: Furniture, accessories, kitchenware, television, and other things that we cannot remember are the items that you will need when you own a second house.
  • House Insurance: Most banks obligate to get house insurance for a house loan. This will make you add monthly insurance costs to your monthly loan payments. 
  • Property taxes: In addition to monthly loan payments for the house you will buy, another cost is the property taxes you have to pay annually. 
  • Fuel and other fixed costs for the house: You need to consider your monthly fixed costs such as electricity, heating, internet, and water bills when calculating your budget.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Keep in mind that you may also encounter maintenance and repair costs for your house.
  • Dues: If your new house is not in a decoupled area owned by you, don't ignore the costs of the due that you are obliged to pay every month.     

The Difference of the Co-Ownership Model Offered by Koesta 

Koesta takes into account and calculates for you all the routine and unexpected expenses that you did not take into account at first. In this way, you will not face surprise costs. Your house will be delivered to you with all costs made and all needs done. This means that from the moment you take the key, your house is ready to use. Koesta's management services are included in the price within the fee you will pay for the house. At the same time, Koesta takes care of the maintenance and repairs needs for the house and divides the costs among the house owners without a profit margin.

Koesta Makes It Easier to Own a House

With all the advantages of Koesta, it also offers you your dream home within your budget. Professionally designing your dream house, Koesta takes care of your house's maintenance and repair as well as all cleaning processes, the only thing you will do is enjoy your dream home. You can examine in detail the solutions offered by Koesta and take a look at Koesta houses in order to collect happy memories with your loved ones in your second house at any time of the year, without unexpected work or surprise costs.