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Timeshare, Partial Ownership, Share Deeds and Vacation Clubs; Those Who Make Koesta Different

Everyone dreams of owning a beautiful house with a wonderful view, surrounded by nature, and with the sea under their feet. These descriptions are just a part of what a unique summer house can offer. But owning a summer house or a second house cannot go beyond being a dream for many of us because of the high housing prices and the maintenance, repair, and cleaning needs that the house requires.

For those who want to make some of their dreams come true, there are many different options such as timeshare, shared deed, and holiday clubs. But all these models can not only help realize your dreams but also go beyond being a short-term holiday route at certain periods of the year. At the same time, the ever-increasing prices of all these traditional approaches have led people to the question of whether it is necessary to pay these amounts for such short periods or even directly make these models inaccessible. At this moment, Koesta opens the doors for you to own a second house with an innovative and modern approach. In this article, we will tell you about the working models of condominiums, share deeds, and vacation clubs and compare these models with Koesta's innovative point of view co-ownership model.

What is a Timeshare?

Timeshare properties are a way to purchase the right to use a property or tourism management area for a certain period of time. But for the timeshare system, this means that there is no real property ownership. Buying a timeshare in most cases means paying for short-term access to an apartment or a tourism management area. The outstanding and incomplete sides of the timeshare system have always been the subject of discussion. Depreciation costs are much higher in the timeshare property system, which requires lower upfront costs compared to the case of owning a second house. At the same time, it should not be expected to get a return on an investment you have made here since it does not offer you a permanent property right.

What is a Share Deed?

A share deed can be defined as a title deed to which more than one person can claim rights. Shared deeds are one of the most preferred methods due to the difficulties they cause both in the purchasing process and in the sales process.

It is necessary to obtain the consent of all stakeholders in order to carry out a sale transaction on share deeds. At the same time, if a joint decision is not stated as an annotation in the share deed, it is quite possible to encounter surprise maintenance and repair costs as a result of arbitrary acts. Due to the fact that it contains uncertainty in general terms, creates insecurity, and the difficulty of sales processes, a shared deed is one of the models which is not very popular as an investment vehicle or as a second home for leisure.

What are Vacation Clubs?

First of all, the seasonal rental house trend, which has been increasing in recent years in our country, has caused certain regions to turn into holiday resorts consisting only of these types of houses. Such that even projects planned only for houses for periodic rent are possible. These houses, which are usually detached and have a small garden, can be rented weekly, monthly, or periodically.

Another model that can be called a vacation club is a boutique hotel. Especially for shorter-term getaways, these boutique hotels, which are shaped around a certain theme, sometimes emerge as bungalow rooms, sometimes as prefabricated residences. A short-term holiday can be offered to a small audience. Being intertwined with nature and being located in calmer and quieter areas are among the reasons for preference.

Finally, when it comes to the vacation club, the hotel management service, also known as the holiday village, which is offered by luxury hotel companies as an all-inclusive, comes to mind. Sometimes in a luxury hotel room, sometimes in a detached lagoon villa, the resorts that offer the right to enjoy all the facilities of a multi-star hotel to the fullest seem very attractive. However, the cost of accommodation for a week of such a holiday can be unpredictable. This means that such a holiday is inaccessible to many people or can be only held even for less than a week. Moreover, as a hotel customer, you must comply with all the restrictions that the hotel offers you. The fact that many activities take place at certain hours can create a feeling of boredom after a while.

The most prominent common feature of all the three models mentioned above is that none of them offers a full ownership right and the usage rights are limited to very limited periods of time during the year. This eliminates the charms offered by all these models. However, at this point, Koesta offers everyone the opportunity to become the owner of their dream house with affordable costs in line with their budget with a brand new and safe model.

The Modern Way to Own a Second Home: Koesta

Koesta's professionally managed co-ownership model offers a better, smarter, and more modern way to own a second home. In this co-ownership model, Koesta establishes a joint-stock company for each property and splits each joint-stock company into 8 shares. Thus, a maximum of 8 different house owners acquire the right to own a Koesta house with an equal share of 1/8. In this way, Koesta offers you to own a second home of your dreams, which might be above your budget, in an accessible way to you at a cost of 1/8. Moreover, just as the share you own does not have a validity period, you can sell this share at any time. This allows Koesta homes to be seen as an investment vehicle. 

Other Benefits Offered by Koesta:

  • Koesta offers an actual real estate property. With the share you own, you become the co-owner of the house.
  • Koesta does not give you a room in a house, an apartment, or a hotel room, but the ownership of a detached villa with the luxurious garden of your dreams.
  • It is not possible to face any unexpected maintenance, repair, or renovation costs in Koesta homes. Koesta solves all these problems for you. Even the cleaning of your house is carried out by Koesta with very high hygiene standards just before you settle in your house.
  • Your Koesta home cannot be rented by other owners for the use of a third person. In this way, the only ones who can stay in your house will only be the other shareholders and there will be no way to have unwanted situations in your house.
  • When you own a Koesta house, you will not waste your time dealing with the decoration and architectural works, and you will not face additional costs. Each of the Koesta houses is presented to you as professionally designed and decorated.
  • There are no restrictions on staying in your Koesta house for a short period of time at a certain time of the year. Each of the 8 owners of the Koesta house has the right to stay in Koesta houses 45 days a year. Each shareholder gets to spend a minimum of 14 days from May to September and has flexible staying options between September - May. In this way, each co-owner has an equal right to choose their vacation period.
  • Through the Koesta mobile application, you can handle all the issues related to your Koesta house with a single click. Moreover, you can experience our specially curated on-demand services such as; chef, waitress, airport transfer, daily cleaning service, etc.

Offering these and many other advantages, Koesta offers your dream home at prices that are suitable for your budget with its new generation of real estate understanding. Being exposed to very high prices for a short-term holiday, you can buy a new house at more affordable prices with Koesta's innovative and reliable model, rather than paying the full price of the house for your second home, which you will use only for a certain period of the year, is perhaps inaccessible to you.