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Top 5 Questions and Answers About Koesta

In this article, we will address the most frequently asked questions about Koesta, which offers the most innovative way of owning a second home, and we will try to answer them. In the continuation of our article, you can find the answers to all your questions about the co-ownership model and the possibilities offered by Koesta. If you have questions and are looking for answers, you can always contact us.

How Do I Become a Co-owner with Koesta?

This question, which we will discuss later in our blog post, helps to explain the "co-ownership" term that many people are curious about. First of all, if you want to own a Koesta home, you can view the listed houses on our platform. Then, within the scope of “co-ownership”, you determine the house that you want to own. For each house, Koesta incorporates a joint-stock company with 8 shares. With each share, you get to spend 45 days in a year. As the co-owner, you can acquire a minimum of 1 share and a maximum of 4 shares within each Koesta home. All of these transactions are carried out by Koesta on your behalf. As the number of shares you own increases, so does your period of use. The important detail here is that you always benefit equally and fairly from the house and services offered. 

Is Koesta Selling Timeshare?

No. We want to highlight the differentiators of the relationship between Koesta and a timeshare, which is one of the frequently asked questions. In the timeshare system, there is no single share owned by you for the house or apartment that you have the right to stay in. In Koesta, on the other hand, since the shares of the joint-stock company established on the house are shared, your legal rights are protected, and also the privacy of the buyer is protected and transparency is always at the forefront. Moreover, the accommodation date planning, fair use and digital agenda applications offered by Koesta are also rare or non-existent features in the timeshare system. Co-ownership and timeshare are very different in this context.

If Other Co-owners Damage the House, Will I Bear the Cost?

No. We are very sensitive about meeting all your needs for the use of Koesta houses. In this context, when one of the co-owners, who completes the use of the house within their own time, leaves the house on the predetermined date, Koesta's property manager and the professional team come to the house to clean the house and provide the essential needs. If there is damage to the house or a situation that requires maintenance, these procedures are carried out and if a cost is incurred due to an outsourcing service, it is reflected to the relevant co-owner.

Do I Cover the Management Costs of the Periods I Do Not Stay?

Annual management, maintenance, cleaning, and similar expenses of Koesta houses are calculated on an annual basis and shared among the co-owners according to the share ratio. Therefore, your cost is proportional to the share you own. You will not be charged for the time you do not stay.

Can I Sell My Koesta Home?

With Koesta you buy shares of a house with the co-ownership model. Once you buy shares of a Koesta house, you have the right to sell them after 12 months. You may want to sell some or all of your shares. In case you want to sell the relevant shares after 1 year, you can get support from us to make the necessary listings. We perform listings both on our own platform and in other real estate listing platforms. When the sale is completed, we transfer your shares and provide you with the payment.