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What are the Elements That Make a Home Luxury?

Although the features that make a home luxurious vary from person to person, it cannot be argued that everyone has a common opinion, perhaps there is only one feature: The size of the home. Even the sizes of the homes vary according to the regions, it is generally accepted that a home should be large and at least a duplex home. 

Of course, many factors step in later, such as the number of rooms, the size of the garden, and whether there's a private pool or not. These factors can change vary from person to person and according to their expectations, but it's still expected that a luxury home should have at least some of these factors counted. However, evaluating a home as a luxury, it won't be enough just to have a swimming pool and a hobby room. At the same time, the decoration of your home and the quality of the materials used in your home should make you feel that you are living in a luxurious home. In the same way, it is expected that the home should also have smart home systems with technological features. In addition to all this, home security systems are important. Systems that facilitate quick response to emergencies such as natural gas, fire alarm, and security cameras are only some of the features the security needs of a luxury home. 

Gardening and Landscaping, and Maybe More

In addition to the interior areas of your home, the outdoor section should also give you a sense of luxury. A large garden can sweeten you up for spending quiet and peaceful moments. You can take care of the trees and fragrant flowers in your home's garden, and create a hobby area for yourself. While you enjoy the peace, your children can run and play games in your large garden on the grass under your supervision. Koesta offers you the opportunity to share unforgettable moments with your family and loved ones with its wide garden home options.

For some people, a garden can be enough but maybe your dream home is a home with a pool. But the fact that homes with private pools have high prices such as pool maintenance and cleaning stuff may scare you. But it is getting easier to get your dream home with Koesta. You can pick Koesta's one of the homes with a pool among luxury homes that you dreamed of and you can own it for 1/8 price. Moreover, you don't have to think about garden maintenance, landscaping, pool maintenance, and cleaning with Koesta homes. Koesta will solve all of this for you. You will enjoy the pleasure of owning the home with a pool and garden you dreamed of and the happiness of the peaceful moments you will spend with your family. 

So, How Can I Have All of This?

Although we all have a luxury home dream, many of us don't think it is reachable with the budget we have. Koesta may offer you a solution when it's impossible to own such a luxury home. Koesta's co-ownership model offers you to buy a luxury home as your second home. Koesta decouples the luxury home's price among 8 shareholders, offering everyone an equal share at equal prices. So you can get your dream luxury home at the 1/8 price. In addition, Koesta takes care of all the maintenance and repairs of the home you are considering buying and manages the home. In this way, you will enjoy your luxury home without having the slightest feeling of problems with your home in pleasant and happy moments. Moreover, Koesta isn't a timeshare system but has completely different features from the traditional concept of a timeshare. You can sell, dispose of or transfer the stake you have in your second home at any time. In this way, it may also be possible to use your second home as an investment vehicle at the same time. To get one step closer to your dream luxury home and have the chance to own your dream home, take a look at our housing listings and give yourself the opportunity to live in a better home.