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Take the next step in buying a second home. We're excited to help you turn this dream into a reality, and we're here to support you with all the information you need to make it happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let's not skip any detail that you might be wondering about. These questions have been asked to us very often by our other users. Here are some answers that might help you.


What Is Koesta?

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It is a model that offers a modern and practical way to those who want to own a second home or a private holiday home for their family. As a real estate technology company, Koesta draws the roadmap of co-ownership practice in Turkey. Koesta can also be seen as a marketplace for those who want to sell their house or buy a new house with the transparent listing method, and it also offers all the solutions needed in a house.

Why Koesta?

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When you are among the property owners of a house with the co-ownership system, your share will be a minimum of ⅛. In this case, you will only pay ⅛ of the price of your dream house, and you will make a maximum of this amount in annual expenses. While Koesta manages all maintenance, renovation, and cleaning works, you only set the dates on the digital agenda that gives equal opportunity to all partners with its fair algorithm. You can enjoy your home in the comfort of a hotel, Koesta provides it all.

Can I Join Koesta as a Legal Entity?

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When you want to buy a Koesta house, you buy a share of a joint-stock company established for that specific house. At this point, anyone can be a Koesta homeowner, whether an individual or a legal entity.

Can I Visit Koesta House Before I Buy?

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Koesta offers all possibilities for you to be a new homeowner without any questions in mind. It is possible to visit the house with a 100% refundable deposit after the signing of the relevant consultancy and brokerage contract. If you want to consider a different alternative to the house you visited, the deposit is returned to you within 1 working day.

How Is It Different from Timeshare?

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The most frequent confusions about Koesta are on this subject, but with its general distinction, Koesta is in a very different position. In timeshare and similar systems, you are given limited usage rights in a tourism area for a fixed time. With the co-ownership system in Koesta, you become entitled to the house you own on your suitable dates, with fair use opportunities, and at a more accessible price. Since you will have a joint-stock company share for the house you bought in Koesta, you are also authorized in all legal and administrative management of your house.