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With its modern home-owning model, Koesta provides many advantages not only to those who wish to own a house but to people who want to have a source of income by consulting potential Koesta buyers and sellers. At this point, we provide an opportunity as an agent between the buyer and the seller.

The process of establishing a Koesta Home contains both a seller and a buyer. We consider the consultants of both sides a business partner and aim to provide the best profit for both parties. You can find the useful introduction and training documents created for the agents here.

If you are a seller agent, you can apply to Koesta with your real-estate portfolio that you are defined as the sole authorized dealer. After careful examination if Koesta Team find the property to be suitable to be a Koesta Home a, we introduce Koesta with all its benefits to the property owner. As for the sales, we pay you 2% per share sold.

If you are a buyer agent, you can apply to Koesta with your authorization document showing that you are the buyer's official agent. We will manage all of your buyer's processes on your behalf and transfer the 2% brokerage service commission fee to your account when the transactions are finalized

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Business Model for our Partners

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Koesta pays 2% to all business partners after each sale of shares. This payment is made to both the seller's and the buyer's agents.

It is necessary for the seller's agent to submit the contract that they have the sole authority for a sufficient period of time before the sales listing.

It is necessary for the buyer's agent to apply with the authorization document approved by the buyer.

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If you have a buyer interested in a Koesta Home, simply refer your buyer to us by filling out our information document showing the buyer's approval and our form containing your bank account details. As Koesta, we will contact your buyer to share information about the model and transfer your 2% payment got your account upon completion of the transaction.

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Useful Information

When you make a home sale, you need to manage numerous transactions related to the sales process. When you are an agent in the sale of a Koesta home, all transactions are carried out by Koesta for you; your commission payment is transferred to you easily and transparently.


Frequently asked questions

How Does Koesta Works with Partners?

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Koesta pays all business partners 2% to the seller's agent and 2% to the buyer's agent after each share sale. The seller-side agent must submit the contract stating that he/she is the only authorized party for a sufficient period of time before the listing is made. The buyer-side agent should apply with the information document approved by the buyer. 

I Have a Buyer Interested in Koesta Property, What Should I Do?

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It is sufficient to direct the buyer to the Koesta team after you fill out our form containing the buyer-approved information and your bank account details. In order to inform the buyer in detail, Koesta's professional team will contact the buyer, and the partner payment will be made after the completion of the buying process.

What are the Differences Between the Koesta’s Selling Process and the Selling of the Whole House?

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In general, it is similar in terms of official transactions, but it is easier and more transparent to receive the service fee payment. Koesta completes all of the transactions with professional support on your behalf. 

How Will I Be Informed About the Sales Process?

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You can let Koesta know at which stages of the process you want to be involved and you will be informed about all the details during these processes. 

Is the Commission Paid on the Whole House Price or on a Share Basis?

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Buyer agents receive payment only on the number of shares purchased by the buyer. On the other hand, seller agents with a solely authorized agreement are paid after the sale of each share according to the relevant share price.